Salar Aghili

"VICOrchestra " is made up of 17 to 23 musicians of various nationalities.

"VICOrchestra " is made up of 17 to 23 musicians of various nationalities.

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Salar Aghili and Vienna International Chamber Orchestra

"VICOrchestra " is made up of 17 to 23 musicians of various nationalities. Our goal is to perform contemporary-classical music as well as oriental compositions together with chamber or symphony orchestras, featuring stars from the regions of the Middle-South-East as well as Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon..

"Aftab choir" was founded in 2007 under direction of Afshin Khaef. "Aftab" means sun in Persian and is the only Persian choir in Scandinavia. The choir sings multilingual music from different cultures in different languages. The two most recent projects were "Persian Epilouge" and "Oshaghname" were held in Stockholm.

Vienna International Chamber Orchestra in cooperation with Aftab Art Organization and Campanella Music Academy (CreArt) are going to start a serie of concerts, in which the musical diversity from the Middle East should be made accessible to a broader audience. It should facilitate intercultural exchange, as well as foster contemporary composers, graduates and students of music universities from Europe by providing them with performance opportunities and interesting offers.

This program is approximately 90 minutes long (including 20 min intermission) and will feature the Iranian star singer Salar Aghili. The show is performed in Persian.

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Produced by: Campanella Music Academy in cooperation with Creart Music friends Association.


Iranian singer.

Aghili is a student of Sediq Taarif. He studied not only traditional Persian singing but also contemporary Iranian music Mohammad-Resa Schadscharians. In 1988 he founded Raz o Niaz, an ensemble for traditional Persian music. With this and the ensemble Dastan he undertook international concert tours. With the Munich Radio Orchestra he recorded Nader Mashayekhis Moulana and fié me fié II. He also collaborated with the Berlin Radio Choir and the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra in Germany, and with the Iranian National Orchestra and the Tehran Symphony Orchestra in Iran. He also performs regularly with his wife, Daf player and pianist Harir Shariatzadeh.